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For most people the term ‘unincorporated area’ probably conjures up visions of rural areas with little beside farms and the occasional village. While this may be true for most of the country, this is not the case in Anne Arundel County Maryland. Much like the rest of Maryland, Churchton area real estate is a curious mix of opposites that surprises and delights visitors and prospective homeowners.

While Maryland is one of the earliest areas colonized in America, it remains mostly rural. This does not mean, however, that it is sparsely populated. Maryland is the 9th smallest state but is also is the 19th most populous. Anne Arundel County is considered part of the Western Shore, which is quite different from the more populated Eastern Shore. In relation to the rest of the country, Maryland ranks 7th in population density yet Anne Arundel County only has two incorporated areas: Annapolis and Highland Beach. The rest of the population lives in unincorporated cities such as Deale, Shady Side, and Churchton.

The Churchton area schools spend more per student than the national average and enjoy smaller class sizes. In addition, the Broadwater Creek Academy between Churchton & Shady Side offers young children a head start for early learning. The school focuses on children of pre-school ages 3 & 4 and kindergarten ages with an eye towards advancing social skills.


One of the many census designated places in Anne Arundel County, Deale is typical of villages along the Western Shore. Deale is sparsely populated with a 2011 population of only 2,314. Yet, as with much of this area, it is largely a bedroom community for Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. While rural in nature, much of Deale area real estate is geared toward commuters rather than the farmers and anglers who once made up the population.

With a relatively short commute time of 38 minutes, Deale area real estate is highly prized for commuters. Washington, D.C. rates #1 for extra-large cities for telecommuting with Baltimore coming in at #2. This is reflected in home values, with a median price of $412,843 – 23% higher than the rest of Maryland. Deale area homes are generally older than most homes in the area with an average lifespan of 39.7 years.

Like many of the villages on the Western Shore, most of Deale’s population works in the high-powered climates of Baltimore and D.C. but sustains the rural charm of Maryland. Moreover, the village is on Chesapeake Bay which provides much of the area’s recreational activities from boating to fishing.

Shady Side

Sitting right on the Chesapeake Bay, Shady Side is another census designated place in Anne Arundel County. This prime location benefits from the breeze coming off the Bay, which mitigates the humid climate and gives Shady Side real estate a comfort rating of 42% in contrast to the 44% national average. The pleasant climate partly accounts for Shady Side’s larger population of 4,211. With most residents of Shady Side being homeowners (88.6%), Shady Side real estate is decentralized and allows for plenty of elbow room.

Like Deale, Shady Side’s charm comes from its atmosphere and beaches while still being close enough to Annapolis, Baltimore, and D.C. to give residents access to all manner of shopping, recreational and employment opportunities. The commute, however, is a bit longer at an average of 47 minutes.

Unlike Deale, Shady Side’s homes only average 28.1 years of age and are less expensive with the median price being $270,600. The vacancy rate of 13.6% and slight depreciation in home values due to the realignment in the housing market makes this area a prime place to invest in a home.


Situated between Deale and Shady Side, Churchton area real estate has the best of both locations. The average commute time of 39.5 minutes is better than the commute from Shady Side while only having a population of 2,686 making it similar to Deale.

Homes in the area average 29 years of age (six years below the national average) and have a median price of $332,500. An 8.6% vacancy rate allows for a good selection of homes available for those looking to buy in the area.

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