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3D Printer Being Used to Help Repair Homes

by John Collins, REALTOR

A professor at the University of Southern California may have discovered a revolutionary technology that could completely change the construction industry forever.

According to a January article on Business, engineering professor and prolific inventor Behrokh Khoshnevis' ingenious new creation is a gigantic three-dimensional robotic printer that is capable of building a house in just 24 hours. One of the methods it employs to accomplish this mind-boggling feat is via a computer program that lays out a detailed pattern for a concrete-spewing nozzle, which it follows with finite precision.

This layered fabrication technology, developed by Khoshnevis, goes by the name Contour Crafting. The aforementioned 3D robot uses this process to follow the preset contours of a construction project to not only raise and connect walls, but also embed intricate conduits for electrical, air-conditioning units and plumbing fixtures.

The Contour Crafting robot runs on rails laid down by workers prior to beginning a project. It glides along these rails until it completes its assigned task, after which, humans would take over most, if not all, of the remaining tasks, such as installing windows and hanging doors.

While Contour Crafting remains in the testing stage at this point, Khoshnevis says that even when it is ready for the real world, it will not eliminate the need for human workers. In fact, he asserts, it could actually create more employment opportunities.

1036 Deep Creek Ave.
219 Wineland Way
Price: $1,250,000 Beds: 4 Baths: 2 Sq Ft: 2,846
Premium, Private, Peninsula. This meticulously maintained home is perfectly situated on 1.73 ac of paradise. Water views from every room. Great room w/cathedral ceilings, custom built ins, expansive screened porch, Fam RM w/FP, Master Suite opens to private patio with direct access to waterside pool. Just minutes to Eastern Bay. Private pier w/25,000lb lift. 3 car garage with Loft Storage

China to Monitor Real Estate Via New Tracking System

by John Collins, REALTOR

With China's tight constraints on citizens' investing outside the country, savvy investors have sunk their money into real estate, often purchasing multiple units. This consequently is driving up the property values and thereby pricing the relatively low-income folks out of the market, according to a New York Times blog from November 2013.

The country is reportedly planning to create a nationwide property ownership tracking system that will ostensibly monitor and scrutinize real estate sales transactions. This, the Times says, could pave the way for China to move closer toward its ultimate goal, which is to levy a new, broad tax on property ownership in an attempt to stem the tide of high-income citizens and government officials buying up multiple properties in spite of the communist nation's aforementioned tight real estate ownership restrictions.

In January, the Wall Street Journal reported that this type of property tax could not only take aim at the rampant hoarding of real estate properties, but also address the attendant issue of apartments sitting empty, while landlords and property managers hold out for the highest bidder. The tax would make renting out these units, most likely at a relatively lower rate, more financially beneficial than leaving them vacant.

On the flip side, a tax of this nature would mandate that government officials disclose their individual real estate holdings. This hurdle may wind up being too high to clear, some analysts say, because it would uncover a monumental scale of corruption and illicit income.

1036 Deep Creek Ave.
250 West Joyce Ln.
Price: $1,990,000 Beds: 4 Baths: 4.5 Sq Ft: 3,334
2.1 ACRE SEVERN RIVER WATERFRONT ESTATE. The ultimate boathouse will accommodate virtually any vessel. Stately colonial with gracious living areas with water views from most rooms. 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 5 fireplaces. Chef's kitchen w/eat in area and brick fireplace, Large family room w/custom built ins. Tram to water's edge.Enjoy this private peninsula with Stunning Views and Incredible Sunsets!

Independence Day Celebrations and The Pledge Of Allegiance By Red Skelton

by John Collins, REALTOR

With Independence Day this week, there is lots to do around Annapolis! Here are just a couple options for you and the family:

  • Annapolis 4th of July Parade – This traditional 4th of July parade will wind its way through Downtown Annapolis beginning at 6:30pm and conclude with fireworks from the Annapolis Harbor at 9:15pm. The parade and fireworks are free to all, but be sure to get there early since parking will go fast!
  • Annapolis Independence Day Fireworks Cruise – Watermark Cruises will host this all-ages event from 7:30pm to 10:30pm on Thursday. Head out onto the Annapolis Harbor and Severn River with fireworks lighting the night! Tickets are going fast, so visit their website to purchase yours.

Have a fun and safe Independence Day! Below is one of my favorite things to post this time of year. Enjoy!

The Pledge of Allegiance, by Red Skelton
(As originally recited on his 1950s TV show)

I've been listening to you boys and girls recite the Pledge of Allegiance all semester and it seems as though it is becoming monotonous to you. If I may, may I recite it and try to explain to you the meaning of each word?"

I -- me, an individual, a committee of one.

Pledge -- dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self pity.

Allegiance -- my love and my devotion.

To the flag -- our standard, Old Glory, a symbol of freedom. Wherever she waves, there's respect because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts freedom is everybody's job!

United -- that means that we have all come together.

States -- individual communities that have united into 48 great states. Forty-eight individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose; all divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common purpose, and that's love for country.

And to the republic -- a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people and it's from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

For which it stands, one nation -- one nation, meaning "so blessed by God"

Indivisible -- incapable of being divided.

With liberty -- which is freedom -- the right of power to live one's own life without threats, fear or some sort of retaliation.

And Justice -- the principle or quality of dealing fairly with others.

For all -- which means, boys and girls, it's as much your country as it is mine.

Since I was a small boy, two states have been added to our country and two words have been added to the pledge of Allegiance...UNDER GOD.

Wouldn't it be a pity if someone said that is a prayer and that would be eliminated from schools too?

God Bless America!

Preparing Your Home to Sell

by John Collins, REALTOR

Good Wednesday Morning!

There are three main areas where you should focus the majority of your time and energy when preparing your home for sale: its interior, its exterior and your budget - the amount of money you should spend, based on your anticipated selling price.

Inside the Interior

Perception is reality. This old axiom is especially true in the realm of buying and selling real estate. People who come to check out your home and consider making it their own will base much of their decision on how the home looks to the naked eye. Potential buyers are more at ease when purchasing a home that appears well-maintained, because if these areas are well-cared for, it stands to reason that the areas they are unable to see are in the same or better condition.

Here are some simple tips to make your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible:

  • Clean each and every room from floor to ceiling, clearing away all clutter.
  • Remove as many items as possible from countertops, closets and the attic.
  • Check the basement and attic for leaks, dampness and cracks, repairing as necessary.
  • Check for damage to windowpanes, walls, wallpaper, plaster, paint moldings, tiles and woodwork, and repair where needed.
  • Inspect plumbing, heating and cooling systems, repairing dripping faucets and showerheads along the way.


The positive or negative perception people have of your home's exterior, which generally includes things like landscaping, patios and gardens, along with the actual exterior "skin" of the house, is often referred to as its ‘curb appeal’. It's what makes the all-important first impression on potential buyers, so follow these helpful hints to exterior excellence:

  • Mow, water and edge your yard on a regular basis.
  • The same thing goes for your hedges, flowerbeds and trees.
  • Inspect your home's exterior for obvious flaws in the paint, siding, foundation, doors and windows.
  • Align and clear gutters.
  • Repair and replace loose or damaged roof shingles, siding and caulking.
  • Store RVs or old vehicles somewhere out of your home's ‘curb appeal’ zone.


Last, but certainly not least, is deciding how much to spend on polishing up your home for its time in the spotlight. It's an unfortunate that it's nearly impossible to predict whether the money spent will increase the value and subsequent selling price of your home, or decrease your profit margin at closing time because you didn't get the value you expected out of the expenditure.

The prudent thing to do here is talk to your real estate agent. They can help you determine how to make your home as irresistible as possible for as little out-of-pocket costs as possible. Market conditions are currently changing monthly, and they will know just how to get the biggest ‘bang for your buck’.


1036 Deep Creek Ave.
1036 Deep Creek Ave.
Price: $1,150,000 Beds: 3 Baths: 3.5 Sq Ft: 1,513
This beautiful waterfront home features a pier on Deep Creek with 3 boat slips, boat lifts and 6+ feet of water. Enjoy breezy evenings on a deck by the water's edge. Inside you will find an open floor plan with upgraded features. The master suite has a gas fireplace, walk-in closet and private deck. A 4-car garage offers a wood stove, laundry tub and pet grooming station. A Unique Home!


John Collins

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Wednesday Night Sailboat Races

by John Collins, REALTOR

The Wednesday Night Sailboat Races, an annual tradition at the Annapolis Yacht Club, runs from April through August, and features more than 125 yachts competing in a wide range of one design and handicap classes. The first race begins near the mouth of Spa Creek.

Wednesday Night Sailboat Races consist of three series, each of which is individually scored with overall performance awards and class trophies that are presented in the fall.

These competitive, yet mostly congenial, races involve Annapolis Yacht Club members, as well as members of its Annapolis-area sister clubs and myriad other Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association sanctioned classes.

Quite a few spectator boats join in the fun by following the yachts and their racing crews around the drop and government marks in the Chesapeake Bay. The procession then turns around and begins to head back toward the mouth of Spa Creek, in order to be at the finish line in front of the AYC Clubhouse. As you might imagine, landlubbers join the spectator yachts and racers at the finish line, and crowd inside the club, on the drawbridge spanning Spa Creek, in addition to several other spots in and around Annapolis Harbor.

Following the Wednesday Night Sailboat Races, members of the Annapolis Yacht Club gather at the Clubhouse, along with the crews and Skippers of the yachts in the race for a party. As the jovial revelers enjoy food and drinks, videos of the just-completed race are played on the Clubhouse's multiple decks.

According to the Annapolis Yacht Club's website, the Wednesday Night Sailboat Races at the AYC were brought to life in 1959 by Past Commodore Gaither Scott who gained his inspiration upon attending a race of the same name at the East Greenwich Yacht Club in Rhode Island in 1958.

The Annapolis Yacht Club itself can trace its roots way back to 1886, when it was informally founded as a canoe club. Today, the club encourages and supports numerous boating activities and recreational opportunities for its 2,000 members. The AYC's Clubhouse deck provides breathtaking views not only of Spa Creek and Annapolis Harbor, but also all of the club's facilities.

Baltimore Orioles Season Preview

by John Collins, REALTOR

All eyes are on the Baltimore Orioles leading up to the 2013 season—and with good reason. Last year they stunned and inspired, but also invited as many new fans as naysayers.

Die-hard fans have repeatedly insisted that last season was but a display of talents the Orioles always possessed. Doubters chalked the Orioles amazing finish up to luck, flukes, the constellations, or all of the above. Others could easily drive home several contrary points about the Baltimore Orioles and their sweet 2012 season with points about how the Orioles' one-run victories were sort of like one-hit wonders. The extra innings games they won had nothing to do with strategy, but straight up Acts of God. Angels in the outfield? The numerous Baltimore Orioles' victories amounted to close calls, period.

Or did they?

The facts suggest otherwise.

Fact: Last season's bullpen reads like a well-coordinated dream. Troy Patton, Pedro Strop, Luis Ayala, Darren O'Day, and Jim Johnson all enjoyed strong seasons.

Fact: Buck Showalter's timing was pure genius. He put in the right player at the right time over and again. This kind of feat is nothing short of true wisdom gleaned from years of hard experience.

Fact: The offense dripped just enough talent to upset several notable giants. It's been said that Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy can't consistently measure up to the “big boys”, though the 30+ runs apiece they scored in 2012 certainly disprove this claim. In any case, the offense's combined 2012 efforts resulted in several jaw-dropping thwarts. It was specifically a four-run sixth last September which gave the Orioles an advantage in New York City, capping the first Baltimore victory over the Yankees since 1977. Not too shabby.

But the question remains: Will the Orioles be able to duplicate this momentum in 2013? Showalter has suggested he reveres the team as a work in progress, one whose minor tweaking should make for stronger starting pitching this time around. More runs from Jones and Hardy would be nice, too. So would hits for power and average from the other guys on the team so as to net more runs and more victories. Now that the Orioles have proven their metal, it’s time to sharpen it and prove their precision.

If Showalter's timing is effortless again and the bullpen is strong this year, the Orioles are sure to show their promise, with room to grow into a first-rate team—a feat they are surely to achieve if they keep up their miraculous evolution.

ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon

by John Collins, REALTOR

On Saturday, June 3, ZOOMA Annapolis will hold the third in a series of five women's running events in Annapolis and a number of regions across the U.S., including half marathons in Atlanta, Austin, Wisconsin and Cape Cod. In 2012, more than 2,400 runners crossed over the finish line in the annual ZOOMA Annapolis Women's Half Marathon and 10K, more than 1,100 of them were runners participating in the half-marathon event alone.

Scheduled starting time for the race is 7 a.m. and the starting line for the event in Annapolis will be right outside of the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on the United States Naval Academy campus. While the smoke from the starting gun dissipates, participants in the 13.1-mile race will begin their route with a short loop on the north side of the stadium. From there, they follow Farragut Road south to Cedar Park Road. Next, the runners take Taylor Avenue to Baltimore Boulevard, cross the U.S. Naval Academy Bridge and enter the town of Arnold, which is where the bulk of the route unfolds.

The majority of the rest of the race route runs along straightaway between the campuses of the Naval Academy and Anne Arundel Community College. At this point, runners will have reached the race's turnaround spot, where they are treated to the densely-forested, sun-dappled roads along the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail on their way to Jonas Green Park, and the finish line that overlooks the Severn River.

But the race is only part of the event. The ZOOMA After-Party Expo begins at 8 a.m. and runs until noon at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium End Zone. It's free, open to the public and offers a cool mix of live music, food and wine, and shopping.


ZOOMA, the sponsor of the Muscle Milk Light ZOOMA Women's Race Series, of which this event is a significant part, state that their mission is to inspire women to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

The inaugural running of the ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon took place in Annapolis on June 1, 2008. It is quite literally a run-by-women event as ZOOMA’s founder and everyone on her staff are women.

To find out more about this event, or to register, visit the ZOOMA website.

Getting Into the Housing Market

by John Collins, REALTOR

Good Thursday Morning!

When real estate markets shift, it can happen quickly. Just when it seems like we are in a strong buyers market, we move into to a market that's favorable for sellers. But regardless of the market conditions, when you decide to get into the housing market you will want to speak with a mortgage professional first. This means that if you become pre-qualified for your financing not only will you know how much home you can purchase, but you will also have a competitive edge when making an offer on a home.

If you would like to get started with the process of purchasing a home, please contact me. I can help you with your home search in this current competitive home makrket. I can also make arrangements for you to meet with a top mortgage expert at the same time. From this meeting you will be ready to start looking. We know how to make a home purchase both easy and rewarding.


1039 Rio Lane
39 Johnson Rd.
Price: $570,000 Beds: 5 Baths: 3 Sq Ft: 3,488
This 5 bedroom, 3 bath Koch home shows like a model. Winter water view, Hardwoods on 1st. level, Dramatic 2 story entry, Crown molding, Chair rail, Bump out window, Cathedral ceilings, Dynamite center island kitchen, Smashing sunroom off kitchen, Family room w/gas fireplace, Romantic master w/double closets and spa type bath with heart shaped tub, Huge entertaining deck w/sunken hot tub.


John Collins

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The Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

by John Collins, REALTOR

Orchestra, dance, and voice brilliantly come together at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Located in Annapolis, four separate companies reside and perform in the hall:

The Annapolis Chorale

As one of the resident companies of the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the Annapolis Chorale recently expanded. This expansion included a new logo and name. Now known as Live Arts Maryland, their new name reflects that the chorale has evolved into more than just a performing group. This new image illustrates what a dynamic experience each presentation is. They often involve guest artists as well as audience participation.

Their next concert will be held on Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th. The Annapolis Chorale Chamber Chorus and the Annapolis Chamber Orchestra will partner together to present an evening of music conducted by J. Earnest Green. Tickets are available online, at the box office, or at the door.

Annapolis Opera

The Annapolis Opera is celebrating its 40th season of showcasing outstanding opera singers. This season also marks the 30th anniversary of director and conductor Ron Gretz. The next performance of the season is Rigoletto, one of Verdi's Italian operas. Tickets are still available for the March 15th and March 17th performances.

Annapolis Symphony Orchestra

This year's theme of Music That Moves You fully illustrates what the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra strives to do. With a calendar full of variety, there is guaranteed to be a performance that will captivate every audience member. For an evening that will delight all of the senses, consider attending the ASO Ball entitled Bow Tie Under the Big Top. The evening promises to be full of music, food, and fun.

Ballet Theater of Maryland

The last resident company of the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts is the Ballet Theater of Maryland. The organization was founded in 1978 and continues its rich history of traditional and innovative programs. The current season still has two shows remaining: Coppelia and the Director's Choice. Come experience a performance utilizing a language more powerful than words.

The cultural events don't cease with the resident companies. The Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts also hosts classes, exhibits, and staged performances. There truly is something for everyone here.

If you are looking to add to your art collection, the next exhibit also includes an art auction. The All That Art exhibit will be held from March 8th - March 22nd. The auction is a ticketed event and will be held from 6-9 pm on March 22nd. The proceeds are split evenly between the artist and Maryland Hall's visual arts program.

With such variety and talent, MHCA is a place that is suitable for an adult evening out, a family-friendly event, or a performance with friends. Stop by and see what the buzz is all about and you, too, will become a frequent visitor to the premier cultural center in Annapolis.

Comparative Market Analysis

by John Collins, REALTOR

Good Monday Morning!

In this ever changing world of home values there is a new online tool that will provide you with a quick and easy look at your homes value and update you every 30 days. Not only is this new online tool easy, the update feature keeps you on top of the market with your homes value.

The webs site is This site uses a comparative market analysis in your local area to help determine the value of your home. You will be amazed as how quickly this site will find your home and provide you with market information. Check it out!

If you would like to connect with a me to discuss the value of your home in the Annapolis market area, please contact me. I would be happy to lend you my tools and resources that I have available!

Have An Awesome Week!


1419 Harmony Lane
1419 Harmony Lane
Price: $599,900 Beds: 4 Baths: 2 Sq Ft: 2,220
Classic 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Colonial is located on a 3/4 acre lot in Beacon View. Formal Living and Dining Rooms. Kitchen features updated appliances, granite countertopns and center island. Breakfast area leads to spacious, sun-filled Family Room. Gracious Bedrooms including large master bedroom w/ superbath. Expansive awning covered deck overlooking your private park-like backyard.


John Collins

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